Sunday, May 15, 2011

The End.

I honestly feel like this is the end my friends.

The mission of the blog was to figure out who I am and its almost been a year and I honestly feel like I have achieved that goal. I know who I am. I know what has made me this person and who are going to help me overcome my problems. I might not know what my future brings like I did before but I've realized that that isn't really a problem. I'll deal with the future when it comes but right now I need to deal with the present. I need to deal with overcoming my depression and worry. I need to fully deal with my past and not ignore it and let it affect me like I have been. I need to have fun. This blog isnt meant to help me with my feelings. This blog isnt going to make me feel better. My friends are. Even though so many worries go on about them in my head ALL THE TIME writing them down isnt going to help me. This blog did and completed its mission. Im happy with the person I am. I just need to realize that there are people in this world that are too.

Thanks Blogger and thanks followers who have read/commented/ and of course followed.

As of Right Now...

Goodbye. =]

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