Saturday, November 13, 2010

When did this happen???

Long time, no see?

So, lately something weird has happend... boys are starting to flirt w/ me out of nowhere?! It's so weird! Like I'm just chillen and havn't changed my apperance at all and then BAM like 4 guys have started flirting w/ me at once. It's crazy. I've never thought i was cute but people are telling me I am wich is hard to believe. Even the other day my friend told me she doesn't like my bad self image and how i don't see my own beauty. IDK, it's hard for me to believe it all; and to think i could possibly be dating someone soon is CRAZY! I'm not sure where im going w/ this blog so I'll just stop here.

So goodnight and I'll blog more tomorrow :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

pissy=blog time.


I've been so pissy lately but whatever. My blog today is going to be a love hate blog so here we go...

1. I HATE how the HATE section is the easiest to do.
2. I HATE when you dislike someoone who everyone seems to love.
3. I HATE wanting to be bff's with someone and you don't think you can.
4. I HATE how dramatically my life changes so much.
5. I HATE being single.
6. I HATE being afraid to date.
7. I HATE how I don't know what my exact feeling are any more.
8. I HATE feeling like the clock is ticking and the good times with my friendships are coming to a end.
9. I HATE how I loose friends to much.
10. I HATE my life a good...91% of the time.
11. I HATE how I sound like this whiney little bitch in my blogs.
12. I HATE not being good at any thing.
13. I HATE how I'm a sucky friend.
14. I HATE how I can't be 100% honest on my own blog or to my friends.
15. I HATE how this blog is dumb.

1. I LOVE the good music I'm listening to.
2. I LOVE that my friends stick with me even though I moun a lot.
3. I LOVE all my inside jokes with people.
4. I LOVE that Pippin is over.
5. I LOVE that The Birds is so close :)

that's it :/ I could add a few more on hate but I won't. Ughhhhhhhhh. Off to bed.


Monday, November 1, 2010


How are you?

I have a lot of questions that just poped in my head and I'm sorry but this is going to be another list blog. But you can get over it.

1. How do you know you truly like someone? How do you know that this is what you really are feeling and your not convincing yourself that you do. What proof do you need to be 100% sure and how do you get it.

2. How are you ment to be 100% honest on a blog if you know people you are talking about are going to read it. I mean if you think about it blogging is ment to be honest and to get all of your feelings out and share them. But if you don't want to name names on blog arnt you still holding stuff in?

3. I feel like I'm to much for pwoplw, even my friends sometimes. But how do you know? I feel like I'm annoying but how are you ment to tell. I wish I knew peoples veiws on me.

4. How do I know for sure if acting is what I want.

all of these are swimming around in my hand but none can be answerd. All of them are ment to be answerd individualy and that sucks. I hate dealing with inner questions but oh well, that's just life I guess.

I want everyone to put their life questions in my comments and answer mine if they'd like. :)