Saturday, November 6, 2010

pissy=blog time.


I've been so pissy lately but whatever. My blog today is going to be a love hate blog so here we go...

1. I HATE how the HATE section is the easiest to do.
2. I HATE when you dislike someoone who everyone seems to love.
3. I HATE wanting to be bff's with someone and you don't think you can.
4. I HATE how dramatically my life changes so much.
5. I HATE being single.
6. I HATE being afraid to date.
7. I HATE how I don't know what my exact feeling are any more.
8. I HATE feeling like the clock is ticking and the good times with my friendships are coming to a end.
9. I HATE how I loose friends to much.
10. I HATE my life a good...91% of the time.
11. I HATE how I sound like this whiney little bitch in my blogs.
12. I HATE not being good at any thing.
13. I HATE how I'm a sucky friend.
14. I HATE how I can't be 100% honest on my own blog or to my friends.
15. I HATE how this blog is dumb.

1. I LOVE the good music I'm listening to.
2. I LOVE that my friends stick with me even though I moun a lot.
3. I LOVE all my inside jokes with people.
4. I LOVE that Pippin is over.
5. I LOVE that The Birds is so close :)

that's it :/ I could add a few more on hate but I won't. Ughhhhhhhhh. Off to bed.


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