Monday, November 1, 2010


How are you?

I have a lot of questions that just poped in my head and I'm sorry but this is going to be another list blog. But you can get over it.

1. How do you know you truly like someone? How do you know that this is what you really are feeling and your not convincing yourself that you do. What proof do you need to be 100% sure and how do you get it.

2. How are you ment to be 100% honest on a blog if you know people you are talking about are going to read it. I mean if you think about it blogging is ment to be honest and to get all of your feelings out and share them. But if you don't want to name names on blog arnt you still holding stuff in?

3. I feel like I'm to much for pwoplw, even my friends sometimes. But how do you know? I feel like I'm annoying but how are you ment to tell. I wish I knew peoples veiws on me.

4. How do I know for sure if acting is what I want.

all of these are swimming around in my hand but none can be answerd. All of them are ment to be answerd individualy and that sucks. I hate dealing with inner questions but oh well, that's just life I guess.

I want everyone to put their life questions in my comments and answer mine if they'd like. :)


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  1. there are so many questions all jumbled in my head. But I know the answers. Some, I just don't want.