Thursday, March 3, 2011


my life is getting semi better but I still have problems :/
1. You don't understand me all the way.
2. You're pissy w/ me for dumb shit. And can't just tell people how you feel even though it's pretty obvious.
3. Well... No one understands my negative feeling towards you :/
4. You're so confusing friend wise. Talk to me more. I'm not a party animal.
5. I'm flirting w/ you for no're not getting this. I just like the attention I guess :/
6. I'm glad you said yes even though you're still saying we're going as a group.
7. I'm becoming attracted to good.
8. You're so funny. And you get me in trouble but the sad part is is I ant decide wheter I like it or not.
9. You guys apply easy peer presure on me making me smoke and drink. But is that that bad of a thing? Let me live life!
10. You're anorexic and it's scary :(
11. You're a loner and I don't want you to die alone.
12. You guys are whores. It's isn't a bad thing I havnt had sex in 2 years. Get the fuck over it.
13. I know you miss me b/c you're always gone. But talking to you just isn't fun anymore and it makes me feel bad.
14. Why don't you act mad?
15. Both you say it's over but if it is then why do I still get the silent treatment...

GOAL= next blog be REAL happy.

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