Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So I should prob blog...

Soooooooo, this is awkward, 

I was going to blog as I have plenty to talk about I just haven't got myself to do it so... here you go.

1. I've been obsessing over the musical Spring Awakening lately. I used to be obsessed when it was on Broadway with the OBC but then I forgot all about it until last Friday. Somehow I thought of it and looked it up and I became obsessed once again. I LOVEEEE it so much!!! I think it's amazing. The story is strong, youthful, and real. Plus the music is nothing short form Orgasmic. I soon began to think about my old dream to run off to NYC and get on Broadway and why I ever stopped believing in it. Now, my opinions on that dream haven't changed and I don't have any dreams like that any longer but I did realize how fun musicals are. ESPECIALLY possessional ones. I'm tired of all the drama and stress that comes from high-school plays/musicals. I want to do more possessional works where EVERYONE cares about it as much as I do. I'm ready to get my acting career started and Spring Awakening has proven how much I want it to happen.

2. This semester is about half over. This year is almost up. Next year I'll be a senior. In a year from now I'll be graduating. A few months later I'll be going to college (if I'm not on Skins). It's so scary how fast everything is going. I mean can I just stay in High School forever? At this age forever? It's kinda like when you're about to go on for a show and you wish you had more months of rehearsal even though you where bored as fuck during them. But then you go on and have the time of your life. That=My Life right now.

3. If anyone who didn't really know me that well read my blog I would seem like the BIGGEST bitch ever. I really don't believe I am and I really don't want people to think I am. So, I'm going on a cleaning spree and getting all the toxins out of my life and fixed. Fixed things with Lole. Fixed things with Chessa. Got a few people out of my life so I wouldn't hurt them anymore. I need to try even harder then I am now in school. This is my year and I don't need bullshit getting in my way.

4. I hate Kurt from Glee. Maybe I just hate most gay guys? idk.

5. I guess I do have my straight guy best friend now?...maybe two??...maybe...hopefully.

6. I guess I'm done. better then nothing.

Bye-bye huns.

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