Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I feel the need to blog. Like I have to, but I'm not entirely sure what to blog about...
1. So, my interview for Carowinds is Saturday which I'm uber excited about. I already basically know what I'm going to say because a friend of mine works there and she told me all the things they asked. Plus they basically hire EVERYONE so that's a plus. The only thing I have to worry about is a ride there all the time because it is 45min away so if I don't have a ride I cant just call up someone and be like "Wanna take me to work?!". But my friend can take me most of the time and I have my parents so hopefully all will work out and I'll get the job. I just like the idea of working in unusual place. I already tried the last standing single roomed movie theatre in the US so now its time to try a theme park! I'm most likely going to be on the games so even better! ME ME ME SO EXCITED <3

2. That was kinda corny....

3. I'm such a Big Brother freak, It's kinda sad. Like I could totally write a 20pg paper on the impact of Big Brother on British culture and media. Sad, sad, sad.

4. So I've recently realized that I'm totally turned off of dating right now. Like pda just kinda turns me off, and Id worry about being to distant. Plus I get really dependent on the person I date and I hate that. I don't like putting all my trust in someone, but not because I have trust issues but just because it makes me feel bad about myself. Like I start second guessing what the other person feels about me and I feel like I'm being annoying. Its just not good. Also, I wouldn't want to date someone who goes to my school b/c of pda. I wouldn't want to date someone out of school b/c I wouldn't want the distance. But also I would like to date someone older and out of school but that's hard to find. So as of right now...it just isn't a good idea right now. But then I'm just left with flings which I'm not entirely sure about. I'm not against it but it doesn't really help anyone out does it? I'm just a mess. Single is boring me but furthering it is complicated =/  

5. Do you ever just want to sneak into someones house and watch what they do all day...I do.

6. I feel like people need to know the difference between Liking someone and Lusting someone. Like, forreal.

7. This blog was mighty lame. I need to collect my thoughts, write them down and blog tomorrow.

Night Night.

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