Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween :)


Since it is halloween today I thought I would tell you guys all about my fears (in list form ofcourse).

1. I'm not scared of death but of not living my life to the fullest. I don't want to be laying on my death bed regreting things in my past. I want to be able to accept everything I have done and know it was good for me.

2. I'm scared of not being able to find a dream to chase after.

3. I'm terrified of tornado's.

4. Any kind of insect creeps me out. Even butterflies and lady bugs. They are just gross. ESPECIALLY spiders.

5. Even though I'm not very religious I believe in ghost and demons and the idea of them scares me. I have had experiance's with ghost at my old house and demons with Ouiji Boards. It is a big fear of mine to be obssesd by a demon. I used to feel like I am and still feel that way sometimes. I still believe a spirt follows me everywhere and I believe it has for a long while. My mom always told me when I was little that that was just a angle protecting me but I've never felt safe with the feeling that I feel. The feeling of the presance being with me at all times and watching me. It makes me feel volnerable and weak, not safe and strong. I just don't think it's a good spirt which freaks the shit out of me.

6. I love scary movies but if anything like that happened in real life I would poop my pants. I'm REALLY scared of movies like saw and stuff where you get kidnapped and tortured. It just creeps me out and I don't want anything like that to happen to me. Or anyone I know. But I feel like this one is obvious for anyone lol.

7. I'm scared of not being able to find more fears and satisfying my readers. I'm like that with every blog I do.

8. I'm scared of not getting into a good collage and being able to make a name for myself. I don't want to be doing something I don't want to do when I get older. It scares me that the decisions I am making now are affecting my life in the future. I hate how my first two years of high school I slacked off and now those choices can prevent me me from doing what I love later on.

9. I'm scared of not falling in love. I know I can survive easily on my own but in my head being love is like being accepted by society in a way. It's weird to think about because I'm never in a relation ship but I do just want to be loved and accepted by everyone.

I think I'm done for now  I'm writing this one my phone and I can't really see what I'm writing so I'm sorry for all of the mistakes. If I think of more I'll continue on another blog. But as of right now I'm done. Happy halloween and goodnight :)


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  1. I think you will make it far in life. You are such a unique person with special qualities that make you such an awesome person. keep it up!