Thursday, October 21, 2010

phone blog about homophobia...

hey girl heyyyyy,

So todays topic is on homophobia and junkk.

I'm writing on my phone so this might be wonky.

So I was laying in bed thinking and I totaly understand homophobia kinda. I mean being gay does come across as "hey look at me if I'm gay everyone will love me. I'm just going to be a little juvinial punk and disobey god!". So when religious groups go on and on about how wrong it is I get it. Also most people are very clueless and ignorant when it comes to it most of the time. I feel that if you want to hate something you have to be truly knowlaged in it. And I just spelled that worng...oh well. But anyway, I get it but they need to learn and understand before they go and bash something.

In society today people see being gay as a bad thing or something to joke about. I understand that, it's like making a race or religious joke. It's only funny to the people making the jokes though. They only thing that is different w/ gay jokes is that there is no compasion in them most of the time. People need to understand that just because I'm gay I'm still a person. Also I don't get hurt by people and their opinions unless it's someone I care about or if I get death threats or something. I've noticed that people get mad a lot more them I do with this subject and I think it is just because I'm used to it. But I feel like why should I just accept those kind of remarks and opinions. Is it because I have respect for that person and their opinions or is it something else?

the only time it bothers me is when someone is uncomfortable around me because of it. Especially if it is someone I consider a friend. I have noticed that some of the people I think I'm friends with get uncomfortable a lot which sucks soooo much. And I hate that because 96% of the time it's guys. Everytime I have a friendship with a straight guy I value that friendship so much and it hurts when I can tell they arnt sure of it.  But also again I do understand their views. I mean I feel uncomfortable in a room full of straight guys so I can see their point.

I'm a very understanding persob but I'm not sure if it a good or bad thing sometimes because I'm scared that makes me nieve and stupid. A lot of my traits are like that though and the more I look into myself the more I don't like. Idk. My blogs make me sound depressed. Next blog will be happy and about my great life and not my weird sad veiws.

I need to blog more so I will. Bye :) and sorry for all the mis-spellings :/

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