Friday, October 29, 2010



I just realized while laying in bed that I don't think I'm attractive. I've never had someone who has told me I'm beautiful or has made me feel that way. I always think I'm just this big tub of lard. My legs are fat, my butt, my stomac. The only thing skinny on me is my arms. Why do I wear skinny jeans? And then after all of that ran through my head I thought about how I sound like one of those bitches that say stuff so people tell them I'm pretty b/c that isn't what I want at all. I just want to someone to be real with me. I need to stop putting this in my head and stop distracting myself from boys b/c of it. I need to grow some balls and like myself more b/c I'm going to be in this body for a good long while. No matter how hard it'll be...


  1. Amen, darling. We all feel that way every now and again. I convince myself I'm not good enough for people..too often. But you are so awesome and you deserve to be happy-with yourself-and with someone else. I love you.

  2. Well Andrew I must say that as much as we want people to tell us positive comments we need to find the right person that thinks you are just like hot as shit, but I mean like they dont call you hot hot hot they respect you. Cause you dont want a million people telling you how great you are because when you find that person you want to feel special when they say it.
    I think its a teen thing to think we suck we ugly what every. But we are perfect really in every way. We just dont know it. You are an awesome person, love who you are because we all love you too.