Monday, December 6, 2010

1am on a school night...tisk tisk.

well it is pretty late now isn't it?

it's late=short simple list.

1. This is totally my 2nd time writing this. Fml. Dumb phone.

2. I spent 8hours last night writing a research paper on Gay Marriage for English 3. It sucked hardcore. I couldn't get it to flow nicely but I fixed it and I'm pretty proud of the end result.

3. I started stage managing at Old Courthouse Theatre tonight it was SOOOOO fun.

4. There was 2 hot guys there. 1 was like 24 and Rass was his theacher in highschool. He was fineeeee. The other was like 30ish and looked pretty darn good for his age.

5. I think I like older men. Not that old but like 19 year olds are hottt. Weird?

6. Only thing we have on it the radio- :)

7. A lot of the women at the auditions tonight where old, had to much make-up, looked like they had botox, and wore leather boots. Yuckk.

8. I love bitching about stuff to Rass.

9. I REALLYYYYY want to make-out/ have sex w/ someone right now.

10. I still have feelings for a dick. Not at the moment but if he walks back in my life again I will. First loves are dumbb.

11. I'm scared I'm going to get my hopes up about Skins :( I hope I don't. But it'll be REAL complicated trying to figure out all the moving stuff.

12. I looked up blue waffel today...i barfed.

more on wen. Night one and all. Byeeeeee.

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