Saturday, December 11, 2010

On the 5th day of christmas I give to you... ONE LONG LIST!!!!

1. Well lets start of w/ what I did thursday...nothing. I didn't feel like going to school, my mom didn't care because it's my decision if I fail, and I knew I wasnt going to miss anything. So I slept for a while and got on the computer (basically what I did today). It was nice. Ive loved this semester but I am ready for some change. I love having some form or routine but after awhile it gets tiring. So it was nice to have a day of break and not have to be sick.

2. Yesterday I didn't blog because after school I felt like hanging with the gang. Chessa was going to the nutcracker so me and lole ventured to Mikaella's house. We made brownies and talked about stuff. When Mikaella's mom came home we all went to the mall to shop for sweaters. The van's seats wernt in all the way because they had been removed and we wernt sure how to lock them but we got in anyway thinking our weight would hold the back seat down...we where wrong. Throughout the ride to the mall in back our seat would launch forward or backword causing us to ether fall onto the chair infront of us or suspend backwords almost hitting the door. It was the scariest but funniest thing EVER. At the mall we walked around, made fun of things, ate some chick-fil-a. Then went back to mikaellas house. Lole had to leave so me and mikaella sat in the kitchen and talked more. THEN Mariah(mikaella's siser) came and wanted to go shopping. So we went back to the mall (not in the van sadly) and had the best time! First me and mikaella went into Bath and Body works where we made fun of things and loitered around, lwerd the sale of midnight pomegreante, when we spotted a store called "Just Casual". We kept making jokes about it and laughed at the idea of going in there and the people asking "What are you looking for?" and us going "I dont know...I was thinking of something just casual?" bahaha.
       We then ventured to Sears to ride on the escalators. We walked backwords on the one going up. High fived on opposite ones, walked around and made ugly faces. Saw a 3d tv but couldnt find the glasses. When we went to leave though a voice from behind us went "sir,sir...sir" so I turned Im a sir. And this weird Indian guys motioned for me to come over.
"Sir,"he said.
"Awww, Im in trouble aint I?"
"Sir, this isnt a playground"
"yeah, I know Im leaving?"
"yes, well good. you do that sir."
   Me and mikaella laughed oursleves out and then joked about how we should have just kept walking and we would just hear him following us going "sir,sir,sir,sir,sir,sir." and throughout the night we would stop and go "sir, this is not a playground, this is not a dance floor, etc.." We danced in basically every store in the mall. Talked loudly about sex, people around us, and life in general. It was the most amazing time EVER. and it was cool seing people that looked like they where our classmates but fat and 15 years older =]

3. Before I went to bed me and Mikaella texted eachother about how happy we where that we had eachother. Its just nice to have someone I can fully trust and fully be myself around. I love her and all my friends dearly. Its weird to see the people I considerd my best friends a few years ago to the ones I have now and its soooo diffrent. Its sad to think that some people cant open up to people the feel close to. But personaly I feel like how close can you truley be if you cant tell them how you feel about your feelings, and other things. Same goes for a relationship. How close can ypu get w/ a gf/bf or even talk to someone you want to be your gf/bf if you cant tell them stuff. Because most of the time the other person can tell that your not opening up. And that turns me off majorly.

4. Making a long list blog=Takes a long time=hard to do=very tiring=I want to keep going but I cant think of more=fail.

5. I REALLY want to get on Skins. Its so far away but the closer I get the more I think I wont get on.

6. Being stage manager for Divorce Southern Style at Old Courthouse Theatre isn't what I thought it would be at all. Its so much work and so many adults are depending on me. Its also weird to see all of these adults w/ different aspects of life and a huge variety in jobs who all like the same thing. But its all very stressful still.

7. My grades are slipping...womp.

8. How do you know if your a sex addict or a ordinary teenager. B/c I want to get w/ someone SOOO much lately. As you can tell from prior post. Oh the mysteries of life.

9. I want to work out but I dont have the modivation. My self-confidence levels have been flutulating a lot this week. I mean for most of this week Ive been accepting my body and thinking it looks good. But then today I thought i looked horrible. And everything about my appearance sucked. My legs are pretty muscular, I like my arms alright and my chest. Just that darn stomac! Ughhhh.

10. If Im on skins I wont be able to be on big brother or real world as Ill most likely be a "celebrity" in the producers eyes... womp.

11. Ive said womp twice in this I believe...womp. =]

12. Well I guess Im done! was that long enough....idrgaf if you dont think so though lol. So Im just going to go! Write again Monday...LEAVE A COMMENT.


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  1. I enjoyed your blog!
    I felt like you were just talking to me the whole time.
    Sir sir sir sir why do I always miss the fun stuff. Darn.
    I wanna be a producer with a hit show on broadway blah blah blah haha.
    You will be awesome either way if you make it or not.
    Well Nice blog again!
    Love you!