Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Loley :)

1. This was supposed to be writin last night but I fell asleep. So I will be writing this now. Obviously.

2. So last night I worked at this animal place in downtown concord called KittyCity. It was fun and I wanted a job after but now thinking about it I have no time at all so it would be dumb.

3.  i hate how everytime i start "talking" to people it always turned out to be one epic fail and i start talking to them completly and im just left feeling dumb and like its all my fault but i dont think i ever do anything wrong.

4.  im in a very uncomfortable postition right now...womp.

5. i found out that most of the skins audition is improve. i suck at improv. also id miss A LOT of seinore year. but its waaaayyyy worth it.

6. i have a headache.

7.  im ready for christmas, and new clothes. b/c they make me feel hotttt.

8. im not sure what else to right about.

9. mall today was fun, but i didnt Lole anything so i felt like i sucked at life. i just didnt get the memo. plus i cant use much money b/c of christmas and junkk.

10. i didnt feel like talking much today. i still dont really. ive just been thinking a lot. about boys, audition, how my life sucks in geral. blahhh.

11. snuggeling w/ mikaella is hotttttt.

12. finally at the end. i hate how my thing doesnt capatalize the letters  after periods like it used to :/. byeeeee.

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  1. Buying that cookie was AWESOME! =) Its all good I was just glad that you were there! I had great day!