Wednesday, December 8, 2010

it's not friday yet?

good day sir...or lady. Doesn't sound as good but w/e,

1. So this weeks has been moving so effing slow -_-.

2. I'm going to write long paragraph list blogs soon b/c I feel like these short list get dull. So be prepared for the friday to come!

3. I've been soooo busy lately but enjoying it. It's fun to get closer to Rass and listen to her sex jokes. Hot guy didn't show up to call backs so he won't be in the play...womp :(

4. This guy I was talking to got mad at ,e and like ditched me and acted like I fell of the face of the earth. Well thanks to the number game I talked to him. (he is the "dick" I mentioned in my other blog) well no one likes him b/c of what he did but I'm kinda used to it by him, and others. It's dumb and sad that I am but 100% true. I know if he gets single again and starts talking to me I'll be all heart eyed and junkk. Fml.


6. I have a tiny hole in my finger and it hurts like shit.

7. Everyone has had sex this week. Last time I had sex was like... 2 years ago. Good?

8. Hope my mom doesn't read that. I would NEVER tell her about stuff like that. Sex=not family topic.

9. I put my tree up in my room, it's pretty. I also have a lightup spare ginger bread castle and a plush snowman.

10. I'm ready to go shopping.

11. My legs are soooo muscular. Hot?

12. I want people to open up to me and not worry. I spill my soul out to people and some never do the same to me. If I'm your friend you shouldn't worry.


1 comment:

  1. sparkle NOT spare. Who like spare ginger bread houses??
    also me NOT ,e.

    darn phone blogs.