Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I want more then happy.


I'm really happy. My life feels like it's at a nice stage right now. Things could deff change and it could make it better. That's my only want at the moment is that. I usually am a happy person so being happy has lost most of it's flavor now. I want to be more then happy. I feel like my life is the color peach right now. I mean don't get me wrong I LOVE the color peach but I want my life to be more out the. Be bright and sparkly w/ many layers. I'm happy w/ peach but I'm kinda feeling some yellow. Or lime green.

I love my friends. I had the best sleepover w/ my closest friends Chanel, Chessa, and Mikaella (who couldn't stay the night but I still loved her whilst she was there ) and I feel like that alone make my life doable. I have friends I love and I'm making new friends often so that part of my life is nice. Really only the romace one stinks. I mean it's not like I would die w/ out one but it would be nice. But I'm tired of complaining over it. I just need to get off my but and talk to people more and flirt. Ughhhh.

well off to go laydown and listen to music. Text some buddies. Call Mikaella? Mmmmm. I love my life :) <3


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