Saturday, August 21, 2010

The end is at nigh; 

3 days my friend...3!

Summer ends in 3 days and school starts and I will be a junior. A upperclassmen finally. I can look forward to prom and other high school experiences. I feel like this year will be the perfect year.  Most of the time I feel semi uncertain in the begging of the year but this time its different. Maybe its because its like a new start now that I'm no longer friends with my best friend and now have new ones. Maybe its just because I only have two years separating me from college.

This summer has in many ways changed my life forever. I have questioned everything! My friends, my love life, my college dreams, my future plans, my career, even myself. And now that the summer is coming to a close the questions are being answered and I am finding myself day by day. Now sure some answers are still lost at sea but as of right now... I'm happy with the ones I have rescued.

None of this really hit me until my class ring order thing came in the mail. The big glossy pages w/ pictures of rings with 2012's all over them and names like "Hannah, Ellen, Matt" on them. The words "Order NOW!" made me think of how short of a time I have left. Its bitter-sweet. I mean I have LOVED my high school experience so far and I am happy where I am and college and the future is a scary thing. But on the other hand I am happy to leave and start a brands new series. I mean sure a new year of school is exciting and adventures but its just a series. Looking at it its like I'm a author and High School is just one series of books I'm writing and all writers like to venture out and write another and that's what college is, a whole other series.

I'm growing up so fast and its weird to think of how much I have grown. When it feels like last year I was in sixth grade. And its terrifying... but I think I'm ready to face my future. But as of right now... I still have to finish this series.

P.S: I got my schedule - Algebra II
                                     English III
                                     Foods I
                                     Theatre IV
P. P. S: Sorry if this blog is kinda cheesy

P.P.P.S: Sorry that I haven't blogged in awhile, Ill try to fix that.

P.P.P.P.S: and yes I said as of right now... twice in this blog but get over it and suck my dick


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  1. Dear Andrew,
    Good blog.
    Its crazy how school seems to get so ahead of its self. I remember i was in middle school when it seemed like we had just started and they are showing us the high school and giving us papers. I mean it was a bitter-sweet moment too. I was going to a new school and I was so excited, but it seemed like i could hardly enjoy the moment i was in. Im so glad that im not there anymore as im in theatre now as i was in band. The future moves on faster then the present seems to go.I like how you make sure to make as of right now stand out its cool. OH My mom talked to your mom yesterday, they have now said hello haha.