Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Is Reality TV Really Reality?

Hello one and all! 

So as I write this I am watching Big Brother UK on youtube. I wanted to write a blog but I had no idea what to write about. Then I realized well why don't I write about what I have been doing all day Watching Reality Television! I mean since about eight grade I have been obsessed with reality television whether it's Big Brother, Real World, Bad Girls Club, or any celeb TV show. Since then I have been dreaming about being on one and have always planned on auditioning to join Big Brother or Real World when I turn 21.  So that's when I thought "well that's something I know for sure I want to do in the future!" but I can't make a living off of reality television unless I like have a billion spin offs or have a billion babies and nether sound that fun because we all know what happened to John and Kate and even New York. I also know I deffo don't want to end up like that! I'm guessing that the only reason I know that is because it isn't as big of a decision as my future Career but I don't get why it's the only one that is so clear?

Anyway, if I do get on one you bitches better watch!! 


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