Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pulling a All Nighter

Once upon a time... 

I was bored.

Well I've been up all night to get my sleeping schedule back.

And throughout the night I have collected random thoughts that I have stored in my inner bookcase I like to call my head =]

But since there is so many I have decided to make another list and I'm sorry for my repeat on list form blogs.

But w/e, here we go!

1. I have been up all night looking up book's I would like to look for at our local Book Trader.
2. The Book Trader is a store that looks like shit, but they have billions of books and you can give them your books and they pay you and you can but books from there and trade them back.
3. Hence the name Book Trader.
4. But anyway, I made a handy-dandy list on a index card of all the books I want and here they are:
    Cracked Up To Be- Courtney Summers
    ANY Ellen Hopkins book
    Living Dead Girl- Elizabeth Scott
    Winter Girls- Laurie Halse Anderson
    ANY John Green book
    13 Reasons Why- Jay Asher
    Story of a Girl- Sara Zarr
    Going to Far- Jennifer Echols
    Willow- Julia Hoban(?)
    Candy Girl- Diablo Cody
    Kiss of Life
    Passing Strange- Daniel Waters
    Cut- Patricia Mccormick
    maybe Nicolas Sparks?
5. Yeah, it a lot. But Ima read em'
6. I was also up all night because I was somewhat scared I would see a ghost
7. You see, my house is haunted. Or at least my old house was and that ghost just followed me to my new house. Well Ive seen the ghost and its kinda scary to think about...Because I'm home alone =[
8. Creepy Story: When I was younger my mom heard me talking in my room by myself (keep in mind I was like 5) and she asked who I was talking to and I said "Grandma" and she said "But she isn't here?". And I said "Not that one, your mommy" and my mom freaked out... b/c she's dead.
9. True Story
10. Anywhozer, yeah so I stayed up watching TV and listening to music.
11. Then my madre woke up at like 6?
12. We had I nice conversation that made me giggle, and think.
    me- "Apparently their having like a miny marathon of Lyndsey Lohan on ABC Family!"
    mom- "Really?"
          "Yeah, Freaky Friday is on, then The Parent Trap and Mean Girls comes on at 6. Then this new movie
          comes on after called Wild Child which I think is ironic."
          "No, ironic"
          "oh, whats the difference?"
    I giggled and walked away, oh mother!
13. That made me think about my mom. So I laid on her bed while she was on the computer and smelled her pillows (not creep-like though, so don't worry I mean she is my mom for god sake!) and I thought of the perfume and make-up she puts on when she goes somewhere special.  I realized my mom looks pretty with it but I prefer her raw and without her teeth in (her teeth got messes up and instead of paying a lot of money she just said "fuck it" and got all her teeth taken out and got dentures.). I find her more attractive when she is in her pj's and drinking sundrop reading a book on her bed.
14. Thinking about her makes me happy.
15. I then thought about how its almost fall and how I love how the summer looks and feels but I hate how hot it is.
16. Well in case you don't know North Carolina's weather is a love hate relationship. During the summer it is hot and humid, so it may be 88 degrees but it feels like it 112 and the air is thick and gross. But in the winter its freezing and snow's a lot.
15. But anyway, back to 15. Well I hate how hot it is and I thought of the time my mom went to Oregon and she said it was like 80-something outside but you had to wear a jacket because it was cold.
17. I then pictured my mom in this green windbreaker she used to own which got me thinking about windbreakers
18. What is the job of Windbreakers and why are they different from a jacket?
19. Also why do they have to make that awful noise? Does the noise help to the job? Whatever a windbreakers job is?
20. Then I imagined a burglar trying to rob a house with a windbreaker on.
21. Burglar+Windbreaker= EPIC fail!
22. Then I started listening to the SONG OF THE DAY song. I had heard it before but not in awhile.
23. As I watched the video a play came to my head, I wanted to write it down but I couldn't figure out how to turn my idea into a script.
24. As of Right Now I only have a basic plot line
    Shot-song-rescue-slowly fall in love- get addicting again to coke- bf cheats when Emma (lead) wont stop or get help and tries to ignore problems- something happens- he shoots her to protect her sole- shot- song end.
25. The end will be exactly the same as the begging and throughout the play the stage would go dark and she would talk to herself.  The spotlight of her is her soul and the whole play is her looking back and seeing all the things she did wrong and trying to find out a way to fix it. The play would take place in a apartment very much like the one in the video. I would want her to be the enemy and the victim in the play. The play would be full of transitions around light as it is in the video.
26. Now I just need to find all that and somehow turn it into a script.
27. But I'm bad at writing plays.
28. I think think that it all I need to say and that my list is over!
29. And yes, I meant to put two thinks in 28.
30. I had to end on a even number... Goodbye and I hope you enjoyed!


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