Friday, August 13, 2010

Teenage Dreams

You turn me ONNNNNN, 

I guess that could be a form of hello?

Well today my blog is about..... *Queue Drum roll*.... LOVE. 

And now Queue the eye rolling...

Yep, well yesterday something strange happened to me. Like 3 people started flirting with me and I was just like "Whaaaaaaaaaat?!?!"... But I didn't complain.

Two of them I have no interest in dating but the other... confuses me. A Lot. 

He was flirting with me and me and him have like, a history?

I mean if seeing his penis is history then we most definitely have one. Hahahaha.

And I don't know why I'm typing like a list? But Ill just continue I guess.

Well he was flirting with me and stuff and I was back and then we talked for a Veryyyyy long time and we both like each other.

But the thing is I don't know if I actually like him.

I think I just like the idea of liking someone in falling in love.

But how do you know if you like someone?

Because as of right now I don't think I do?

But then I feel like a total skeeze because if I don't like him then I'm totally leading him on!

But when we where talking I couldn't help but flirt back and seem interested! I just couldn't it was like word vomit and I had to!

Then, this is the kicker... he told me he may have Throat cancer.


Now the problem with us before was that he lied a lot  and he could have been lying but WHO THE FUCK LIES ABOUT THAT

And now I feel so bad!

But what if I do like him?

I haven't felt like I liked someone in so long and maybe I just don't remember what its like!

Or maybe I will know when the time comes and since I don't I know I don't!

So I'm thinking I should just stop and not hurt him, because I have in the past and I don't want to do that to him again. Especially now.

My gut instincts is to stay away.

But I want to be there for him through his cancer!

And I know how much I mean to him, but it also isn't in a friend way.

I'm just confused =/

Any help?



PS: this blog is kinds dumb, I think I'm over reacting but w/e, at least it isn't a song of the day which is by the way Teenage Dream-Katy Perry

PPS: this is my 13th blog on 8/13/2010 friday the 13th!

PPPS: My birthday is exactly two months away!

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