Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Looking for Something


I almost forgot the introduction so I just left it simple so I could hurry up and type.

Well I just finished the amazingly wonderful book Looking for Alaska by John Green and I have so many thought going through my head. I started the book about 8:30ish pm and I couldn't put it down until about 6 in the morning because I was exhausted so I slept and woke up and started reading again at like 9 and I just finished it. Even though it was a short book it took me a good while to read it just because I wasn't trying to rush through it and just enjoy the elegant writing.

If you have never heard of the book Looking for Alaska it is about a guy who realizes he doesn't really know what the purpose of his life is and decides to "go seek the Great Perhaps" which is one of the many last words Miles/Pudge reads and memorizes. To go find the Great Perhaps he decides to go to a boarding school in Alabama that his dad went to and meets four people that would change his life forever Laura (the exchange student from Russia and his first Girlfriend), Takumi (not sure if I spelt that right but he is Japanese and raps so...), the Colonel( his roommate, best friend, and leader of the pack.), and lastly Alaska( his dream girl and the person who helps him find the Great Perhaps).

That's all I'm going to say before I start spilling the SPOILERS starting..... now.

Well to me I LURVVVVVVVED the book and it was one of the most well written books I have read. My only problem with it was the After section of it. The After section didn't bother me because it was sad it just kind of repetitive and more slow paised then the Before section. But all together it made since why it would be as the girl who kept pushing Pudge through the Labyrinth was no longer there.

One of the reasons the book copelled to me so much was how much I could relate to Pudge. In away I found him to be exactly like me.
1. He doesnt know what he wants yet he still wants to find it.
2. He never tried to find his way out of the problems and just decided to let them come and make the labyrinth his home instead of this uphill battle Alaska always did.
3. Even though he wants something he isnt going to go out of his way to get it. He would rather something to stumble his way and accept it then push everything aside to get something.
4. He loves the idea of love, even though he seems content (not right wording??) with not having it anytime soon he still dreams of it.

There are only two thing we dont share
1. He is straight
2. He obsesses over last words and it annoyed me with the whole "to be countinued" because he had to understand that it was a split minute decision to A. kill herself or B. accidently wreak

My opinion on the way Alaska died is still unclear, and I dont get how if Colonel couldnt even walk how could she do all that and drive? Maybe it was the shock that woke her up from her drunk haze but to me I feel like she wasnt planning on killing herself, but again Im not sure.

One of my favorite scene's in the whole book is both sexual scenes. I like how the where totalu not what you think they would be. The blow-job scene was sooooo funny and I couldnt stop laughing the whole time I read it. While the make-out scene was so romantic and it felt right and that it was meant to happen. What I liked was that in your head you would think it would be the complete opposite in a way, I mean a blow-job is a bit more intimate then making out and boob grabbing. But it also prooves my point that when emotion's are involved they make sex a better thing. In the blow-job scene it wasnt intimate it was ackward and unconforble and the point was to orgasim while the make out scene was so full of compasion even though they where just kissing because he had wanted this and dreamed of it and it was him finnaly getting closer to Alaska when the blow-job scene started the seperation from Laura.

All together this book means a lot to me and I think I need to read it again and think more on it. I feel like this book is really helping me find myself and who I want to be, but I think the other books on my list will too. Im just glad I started with this one.


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