Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Me, Myself, and I


I have realized recently that all of my problems against people revolve around me. You see I'm starting this thing b/c I believe that a good morning can set you for the rest of the day. So I decided to send people messages on Facebook about what I like and dislike about them. But every time I got to the dislike part I noticed they all surrounded me. Like one would be like "I dislike how I feel like you don't trust me" But that is just because I don't trust people anyway. Every time I get close to someone I get scared and paranoid that I will get annoying and that they cant trust me and are going to leave and stop talking to me. So when I feel like I cant trust someone that's me not them. And its like that for everything else.

I also realized I overact about everything and I get scared that my friends will hate me. I am so dependent on people and it is a problem. I need to change and trust everyone more.

Well, school has started and it is great. All my classes are uber fun and none of them give out homework. My Foods I teacher just called to tell my parents I was doing great. That hasn't happened since like 4th grade so I'm excited. Its junior year so I need to do great! 

Tomorrow, I may blog about other recent events but as of right now... I'm off to do homework.


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